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1. Purchase Tickets

Every game has a limited number of tickets – so buy 1 (or more!) as soon as you can.

2. Answer the Question

Each Competition asks a Question of Skill. Only those clever enough get into the draw.

3. Cross Your Fingers

Once the timer is up, a winner is selected from the correct answer via random draw.

What are the Odds of Winning?

In a Competition with 500 Tickets – Each Ticket has a 0.02% Chance of Winning

So 🤔 – Buying 10 Tickets = 2% Chance at Winning! 🥳

FYI – The National Lottery is a 1 in 45,057,474 or 0.000002219388% Chance of Winning 😭🤮😭

Making our odds at winning INSAAAAAANELY Better! 😉

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One winner per competition. Each draw will be undertaken and monitored by PrizeShark and the winner will be posted onto our social media accounts. Our refund policy can be found within the T&C’s. For free entry method, see T&C’s. All Timelines stated on competitions are an estimation, for maximum competition length see T&C’s. No entrants from outside of the UK.